BA Juornalism

Bachelor studies in Journalism were founded in 2004 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. During the studies, considerable attention is paid to professional subjects with the aim of training students for work in journalism in accordance with the ethical principles of the profession. Students are prepared to work in print and digital media, radio and television. Studies include mastering journalistic genres, communication strategies and forming a responsible attitude towards the journalistic profession in modern society.

Students also attend general education subjects, mother tongue and foreign languages. In addition to compulsory courses, the study program also includes optional courses, which allow students to expand their knowledge in various fields and acquire the skills needed to work in the media. Teaching is organized in the form of lectures, seminar hours and journalism workshops. Students are given the opportunity to follow the teaching of their mother tongue, as well as a part of general education subjects, in Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian or Ruthenian.

Duration of studies: 4 years

Degree title: BA in Journalism