The Department of Media Studies was founded in 2004 with an aim to provide quality education for journalists and media professionals at the university level. The Department developed rapidly and, in addition to bachelor studies in Journalism, we established master studies in Communication Studies (in 2010) and later on bachelor studies in Communications and Public Relations (in 2020).

The department gathers highly qualified teaching and scientific staff with rich professional experience in journalism, media production, public relations and information technologies. Our professors are authors of numerous books, textbooks and scientific papers, and winners of numerous awards for their professional work.

The department has a modern radio studio, a television studio, units for digital TV and radio editing, equipment for mobile journalism, classrooms with computer equipment, as well as a seminar library with over 3,000 publications in Serbian and foreign languages. Within the Department, there is also a Media Centre, whose activity is the preparation of scientific and professional analysis and media production (production of promotional and documentary films).

From the very beginning, the Department fosters cooperation with similar university departments in the country, region and beyond. We have intensive cooperation with universities in Belgrade, Niš, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Szeged, Timisoara, Skopje, Thessaloniki and Kortrijk. As part of the exchange of students and teachers, our colleagues have visited numerous journalistic and communication schools throughout Europe.

The department is recognized by the public as the organizer of the International Scientific Conference “Bridges of Media Education” and the International Festival of Journalism Students “On the Record”.

A large number of our journalism and communication students have won awards at domestic and international festivals for their media products and scientific and professional works. Many of our graduate students are established journalists and PR experts throughout Vojvodina, Serbia, and abroad.