Presentation Instructions
1. Guidelines for Preparation of Your Presentation
• Please ensure that your slides are clear and readable
• Pay special attention to diagrams and graphics
• Presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint™
• Save your file in the following filename format:
• Make sure your presentation does not run into a problem on the Windows 7 platform if you are a Mac or Linux user
• If you will be playing video or animated media, make sure it runs on Windows Media Player or/and VLC player
• Embed all the fonts in your presentation
• Working language of the conference is English.
2. Presentation Equipment for Your Use
Each room will have:
• Projector and screen
• PC computer with Windows OS
• Speaker
• Installation of additional software or codec will not be possible
3. Delivering Your Presentation
To submit your presentation, please load it onto the appropriate PC during the break period prior to the session start time. A moderator or staff person should be present to assist you. Please deliver it on a USB drive with the file named as described above.
4. Duration of Presentation
The standard presentation has been allocated a time slot of 15 minutes, including questions. This means that your speech must be at most 10 minutes long in order to allow questions and discussion after the presentation. The session moderators have been instructed to terminate presentations at the 15-minute-mark in order to ensure that every speaker receives his allotted time.