The Department of Media Studies invites you to the 12th International Conference Bridges of Media Education to be held on 27th and 28th May 2022 at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

The key theme of the conference in 2022 is:

Pluralism in the online environment: perspectives of users, journalists and media.

Media pluralism is an obligation of every democratic state and the quality of social communication and the realization of the public interest role of the media depends on the degree of its fulfilment. However, research evaluating various indicators of media pluralism over the years shows that the vast majority of European countries are at medium or even high risk when it comes to freedom of expression, the right to information, regulatory independence, internet access, transparency and concentration of media ownership, as well as the degree of politicization of media systems.

Digital environment has created new challenges for pluralism since private companies and governments use algorithms, artificial intelligence and automated decision-making leading to arbitrary blocking, filtering and removal of Internet content, and introducing censorship. The new digital environment has exacerbated the problem of spreading misinformation or so-called fake news, undermining the trust in media and other social institutions. Responses to these challenges to pluralism can be found on the micro level of individual audience members who navigate the complex environment, on the mezzo level of media organizations and initiatives working in the digital sphere, and on the macro level of governments that introduce new regulatory mechanisms.

We must not lose sight of the fact that media pluralism includes questions of access to the media by minorities, local and regional communities, women, people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups. As much as the digital communication has made easier the articulation of different voices, it has posed new challenges such as algorithmic discrimination and hate speech.

The conference welcomes the proposals addressing, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Transparency of media ownership
  • Cross-media concentration of media ownership (control of production, employment, distribution and audience) and protection of competition
  • Media use as element of media pluralism assessment
  • Perception of media pluralism among the audience
  • Digital challenges for media pluralism and diversity
  • Advertising and ownership influence on editorial policy
  • State regulation of pluralism
  • Independence of regulatory and self-regulatory bodies
  • Independence of management and financing of public service media
  • Sustainability of local and regional media, and the need of local audiences
  • Establishing a more favourable environment for the development of civil sector media
  • Diversity of genres and topics
  • The journalistic profession, standards and protection
  • Ethics of journalistic work and responsibility to provide accurate and impartial information to citizens
  • Ethnic minorities and access to the media
  • Vulnerable social groups and media use
  • Media literacy as a tool for promotion of pluralism
  • Algorithmic bias and discrimination

Key note speaker: Václav Štětka, Loughborough University, UK

Working language of the conference is English.

Abstract submission: Abstracts of 300 words (max) with key words can be submitted online using this form.

Registration and participation fee:  Conference fee is 15 EUR for PhD students and 30 EUR for other participants. Please consult our website for further information on registration and payment policy.

Edited volume: Peer-reviewed papers in English and BSC will be published in the Edited Volume after the Conference. Instructions for manuscript submission will be provided after 30th April 2022.


Important dates

1 March 2022:            Deadline for submission of abstracts

15 March 2022:          Notification of acceptance

1 May 2022:               Registration for the conference

15 May 2022:             Payment of conference fee

15 July 2022:             Submission of full papers